Rich In History

Since 1912

Built originally as a fort and work/living space in 1840, the Holiday Manor has been serving the sport-fishing community since 1912. At it’s conception the Manor was known as Van Luven House, named for it’s founding family headed by Henry Van Luven.

Holiday Manor is a 10,000 square foot monument to the late Georgian style of design and construction. The same workmen who built the Rideau Canal are responsible for the fine stone-masonry that graces the Manor. Set on solid granite and constructed of 3 foot deep limestone walls, Holiday Manor appears much the same today as it did in the 1840’s.
Originally the Manor served it’s community as a fort and protector, branching out in it’s early years to house the general store, post office and telegraph station. It is said that the Manor was the first building in the village, then known as Rockland and later as Van Luven Mills, to have electricity. Among her guests in the early years, was Canada’s first Prime Minister, John Alexander Macdonald, who practised law in the dining room, which had long served as the Court House.

In the years since becoming a fishing lodge, the Manor has been home to many families, and has undergone various interior transformations.

In 2014, Donald and Marlene MacDonald, along with their daughter Michelle, purchased the Manor. Since then they focused their efforts on updating the plumbing and electrical, bringing it up to present-day codes.

Most recently, Jeff Day returned home to the area along with Core Lee and together purchased the Manor. With their combined experiences in hospitality, food and events, they will strive to enhance the manor experience by enhancing the many interior and exterior spaces suitable for any type of small to medium sized events. They will offer a new exciting breakfast menu with items for you to enjoy. Sunday brunch is every Sunday. Though fishing trips are still a big part of their focus, we also accommodate family reunions, bridal teas, baby showers, birthdays and anniversaries, corporate or private group lunches and dinners, as well as intimate wedding celebrations.

Each event is custom-tailored to suit your needs and your vision. It can be held indoors or out.