How do you say goodbye to friends?

Bitter sweet is a great way to describe how we are feeling about saying goodbye. The Manor is now closed for the time-being. Last Sunday (Feb 21st) was our last day open and you can image the emotion of turning the open sign off for the last time. We are so proud of what we have built over the last 5 years, but it is only as good as the people who have shared this journey with us. From our amazing team over the years, whose personality and charm became the atmosphere and character of this wonderful place. To the locals, regulars, friends, family and neighbors, that have patronised us over the years and shared this wonderful experience that has shaped and fulfilled our lives so profoundly. We loved getting to know you and hosting our many annual cultured events and featured foods; these were the highlight of our time here. We had a vision when we arrived, and you are new friends that helped make it come true. We are leaving this place with the heaviest of hearts, but we are excited for the possibility of new opportunities for the future. As we head into the unknown our hearts are as open as they were when we arrived here 5 years ago. We know the future will be bright and we hope all of you will be a part of it. How do you say goodbye to friends? We can’t and we won’t ... We will just say…see you again soon. Jeff and Core

Jeff and Core

Holiday Country Manor is closed. Stay tuned for updates. See you again soon.